Little Kitty 
September 2020
My Little Kitty has a whole lotta nerve. 7am. Meow, meow, meow.

Filtered sunlight through white curtains lightens up the room. My half-conscious brain notices the change in hue through my eyelids. But they remain shut, and I remain half-awake, sleep inertia doing its thing, clinging to my unconsciousness with a tight grasp. My girlfriend clings even tighter though. Her internal clock is ridiculous, and once she is up, she is up. And once she is up, she requires me to be awake as well.

Oops, did my hug wake you? I open my eyes and her lips are an inch away from mine, heart-eyes swelling like a cartoon character. Sigh. My heavy eyelids close, again, and I lose my conscious thoughts briefly… but she waits patiently.

Until her patience runs out, and she nuzzles into my neck, assertively this time, and squeezes my torso, too tight for me to ignore. Sigh. She wins.

Meow, meow, meow. Little kitty doesn’t take no for an answer, and she knows how to get her way. She is pawing at the door when Natasha lets her in. Strut, strut, strut, as if she owns the place. Couldn’t be happier to disrupt our morning.

The quick trip out of bed has Natasha shivering, and she slips back under the sheets and clings to my body like ceran-wrap. Hers fits right into mine. And it feels so nice. Soft skin and warm breath down my neck.

Four little paws land behind my calves. Hm, one swift kick would take care of her. Natasha does NOT find that funny, and she peeks over our blanket igloo and calls for the Little Kitty to come close. Little Kitty takes her precious time, as she knows how to play her cards right. Little Kitty is great at playing hard to get. Natasha nuzzles in between my ear and my shoulder, planting little kisses all over my neck. Natasha, not so much.

A Little Kitty loaf lays over our blanket canopy with delightfully-content slivers for eyes. A wonderful discovery of the most inconvenient place she could lay. She has separated Natasha’s warm body from mine in her choice. Very sneaky, Little Kitty. Trying to eliminate the competition, I see. But I still hold on to Natasha’s hand beneath the covers.

I lean in close and her sandpaper tongue licks my nose.