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FINALLY, a publication for restaurant workers -- not restuarant owners, not prestigeous food critics, but for the employees themselves. 

FOH, (an acronym for Front-Of-House, restaurant-lingo for employees who interract with customers) is a collection of voices from the restaurant industry, varying from articles discussing the classism servers experience, to tips and tricks that real FOH workers have shared.

100% of the magazine has been designed for the restuarant community, a community that is ignored and walked over, despite employing 2.23 million in the United States today.

2020 has shown just how little protections the service industry is given, which is why the community has to stick together more than ever.

FOH publication strives to bring good design and some much needed attention to a very special community that never gets the appreciation it deserves.

So for all of the servers out there, we see you, and we want to hear you too.